Canva Social Media Templates FAQs


What is a Canva Social Media Template?

Canva social media templates are shareables to help promote your business, that you can edit yourself! Our Creative Team has put together a collection of templates to help you create beautiful, custom shareables for Events, Wine + Product Marketing, Team Building, and Recognition.


How do I access the templates?

You can access the social media templates through the links located in the Help Center Index. 


How do I edit the template?

Canva allows you to edit all the components of the shareablee as you like. If you need help navigating Canva, you can watch a Canva tutorial from our Home Office Team here. 


What fonts and colors should I use?

The templates come preloaded with the ONEHOPE colors and fonts. If you would like to install the fonts on your computer for future editing, you can find the font files in the CE Dropbox here. 


Do I need a paid, PRO Canva account to access and edit the templates?

You do not need a paid, PRO Canva account to access and edit the templates. Canva offers free fonts and elements to edit your shareables. 


How often are templates updated?

Canva templates are updated seasonally. Be sure to check the Vine for new release announcements! 


What templates are currently available?

CE Canva Templates are currently available for the following categories:

Team Building

Wine + Product Marketing


Wildthings Canva Templates
Social Wildthing Canva Templates

Holiday Gifting