Cause of Choice

What does Cause of Choice mean?

ONEHOPE will encourage Customers to shop and support any Cause that is important to them. ONEHOPE will donate 10% of the purchase to the selected Cause of Choice.


Who can choose a Cause of Choice?

Any Customer can choose a Cause of Choice for their purchase donation while shopping with ONEHOPE. This includes both CEs and Customers.


Please note, only logged-in customers’ Cause will save to their account after placing an order or ending their previous session. A customer  shopping as a “guest” will NOT have their cause  saved once they’ve completed an order or ended their session since there is no account to save the Cause to. 


 What is my ‘Cause of Choice’?  

There are a few ways for a Customer to choose their cause they want to support, including: 

  • A Customer can select their Nonprofit Organization of their choosing. All 501c3 nonprofits are available to select. This includes traditional NPOs, School PTA Programs, Sports organizations, etc.
  • A Customer can choose to support the nonprofit attached to an Event Fundraiser.
  • A Customer can shop their CE’s selected Cause of Choice
  • A Customer can select the ONEHOPE Foundation as their Cause of Choice. 



Can I add a new Cause if I can’t find it in the existing list?  

Yes! Anyone can choose to add a nonprofit as their Cause. Upon searching,if they cannot find what they’re looking for, then they may add one manually. They will need to input what is required for adding a new NPO to the list (Name, Mailing Address, Tax ID or EIN.


Can I change my selected Cause at any time?
Yes! CEs and Customers are always able to make adjustments to their Cause of Choice. 


Where can I make adjustments to my selected Cause of Choice?
You and your Customer can add or change their selected Cause by visiting:

  • Customer or CE Account Menu
  • The top of the website page will show the selected Cause of Choice, or prompt one to be selected
  • CE Back Office > My Account > ‘Impact’ page

  • CE Dashboard
  • Making a change during the Checkout process

What happens if I do NOT have a Cause of Choice selected? 

If a cause is not selected, the Customer will see the default verbiage: ” Select Cause” to prompt them to select their Cause of Choice.


In the case a cause is not chosen, the 10% donation will contribute to the ONEHOPE foundation until the customer adds a Cause of Choice to their account.


 What happens to my Cause if I complete an order or stop shopping (close my session)? After making a purchase as long as you are logged into your account, your cause of choice will remain the same till you change it.

However if you or your customer is not logged in Cause will not save and revert back to the ‘NO CAUSE’ state.


How does Cause of Choice affect Event Shopping? 

 Anytime you or your Customer 1) Navigates to an Event Fundraiser page OR 2) Selects the “Shop to Support” button on the Event Fundraiser page OR 3) Choose’s the Event Fundraiser as their Cause in the Cause Selection Menu, the Customer’s Default Cause will be automatically switched to that Event Fundraisers Cause moving forward.

In other words, if a Customer wants to complete a “one-off” order for a different Cause than was was previously selected, then they will need to change the Cause to the new cause (or shop the Event), complete the order, then change their Cause back to preferred Cause. 


How do I stop shopping an Event’s Cause? 

 At any time while on the website, a Customer can select ‘Cause’ from the top of the website or through their Account Menu. This will pop out the Event Shopping options. From here, the Customer can either “Stop Shopping the Event” or “Go to the Fundraiser’s Page”. 


How are donations made for Events? 

Event donations will continue to be processed like normal.
For more information look here: How are event donations processed?


 Where can I see my selected Cause of Choice?
Customers can click on “Select a cause!” or view their Cause of Choice status at the top of the website. The Cause of Choice can also be viewed from the Customer Account Menu, if they’re logged in. 


How can I stop shopping or change my Cause? 

You and your customers can select their Cause at the top of the website or through the Account Menu if logged in to change the current Cause of Choice. Doing so will allow you to stop shopping for the current Cause and select a new one from the Cause Selection Menu.


Where can I see the CE that I’m shopping under?  

Your customers can view the CE they’re shopping with by opening their Account Menu and seeing their CE’s name and photo. This example shows, shopping with: Myself as Libby is the CE.


How can I choose to shop under a CE from  

When opening the Account Menu drop-down and select the “Find your Cause Entrepreneur” function. This will pop out a search bar being able to search for any CE.


What is the new “Impact” page in my Customer Account?  

The Impact page allows the Customer to add or change their Default Cause, and view information about their impact in shopping on ONEHOPE, including:

  • Personal Total $ Amount Generated for Current Cause selected
  • Personal Total $ Amount Generated for ALL Causes you’ve supported when shopping with ONEHOPE.

 How does Cause of Choice work when using Concierge Mode? 

CEs can see the customer that they’re shopping for from the Snackbar as well as the Account Menu when they are in Concierge Mode. If a CE places an order in Concierge Mode, the 10% donation will always go towards the customer’s Default Cause of Choice (not the CE’s).

As a CE, how can I see my customer’s selected Cause? 

CEs can view their customer’s selected Cause by looking in the Account drop-down menu.


As a CE, can I change my customer’s selected Cause of Choice? 

CE’s may add or change their customers Cause of Choice on their customer’s behalf while shopping for them in Concierge Mode, regardless of the customer’s Cause Status. If a CE changes their Customer’s Cause, then that Cause subsequently becomes the Customer’s Default Cause until the Customer otherwise changes it (i.e. it’s saved as their new Cause in their Account) 


As a CE, how do I stop shopping for my customer?  

CEs can open the Account Menu and choose to “Stop shopping for: [Customer]” at any time. Upon selection, the Concierge Mode shopping pop-up l will appear and give the CE the option to stop shopping for that Customer and exit Concierge Mode. 


Can a customer shop on my CE website without shopping for my Cause of Choice?

YES - customers may choose to shop under your website without having to have their orders donate to your (the CE’s) selected Cause of Choice.

To do this, customers can navigate to your CE Profile > Select “Fundraise with Me” > choose their own Cause of Choice (i.e. any option in the menu other than “[CE’s] Cause”) > continue to “Shop”. 


If I join my CE’s team, will I be forced to choose their Cause as my own? 

No. By choosing to “Join my team”, a potential CE is only choosing to join the CE’s team as a Cause Entrepreneur. After CE enrollment, the new CE will have the opportunity to add or change their current Cause of Choice if they’ve previously shopped with us before in a logged in a registered account.  


Are there any changes to the CE Back Office with this feature? 

Yes, CEs will now be able to see their Impact to date in their Back Office Dashboard, based on their Cause of Choice metrics.

Current Cause Impact - CEs will be able to see the $ amount they’ve raised for their current Default or Selected Cause

All Causes Impact - CEs will be able to see the $ amount they have raised towards all supported causes (this includes all orders placed under that CE, by the CE themselves such as Event Orders, Regular Orders, etc.).

Please note: as an upline mentor, the impact data would NOT include orders placed under your CE who is in your downline.


 Can I choose a Cause of Choice while I’m enrolling as a CE? Do I have to choose one? 

YES - a newly enrolled CE will have the option to add or change their Cause of Choice after completing their enrollment as a Cause Entrepreneur. This step won’t happen until after enrollment is completed on the Order Confirmation page.  


Does the Cause I choose after enrollment have to be my Cause for forever?  

No, customers and CEs can change their Cause of Choice at any time by going to their Account > ‘Impact’ page, or by changing it via the Cause Selection Menu at the top of the website or through the Account menu Drop-Down. 


| | Cause of Choice at Check Out | | 

Can I change my selected Cause of Choice during checkout?  

Yes, all customers can add or change their Cause of Choice before completing checkout.

If a Customer already has a Cause selected, then they will automatically skip the step to choose a Cause for their donation. However, they will be able to review their Cause and change the selection at the final checkout step if needed.

If a Customer does NOT have a Cause selected, then they will be prompted to complete the “Choose Fundraiser” step before proceeding through checkout. They will also be able to review the selection at the end of checkout and change it if needed.  


What happens if I change my Cause selection during checkout? 

If a Customer changes their Default Cause during checkout and completes the order, then when they go back to, their Customer Account profile will show their Cause. This will now be set as their Cause of Choice unless it is edited before their next checkout. 

If they need to change it back to a different Cause for a future order, then they can do so at any time. 


Cause of Choice Wine Club  

Can I donate my Wine Club subscription shipments to my Cause of Choice? 

 Yes, automatically all Wine Club orders will count towards each Customer’s selected Default Cause of choice.


What happens to my subscription’s donation if I change my Cause of Choice?

Once the Wine Club shipment order is processed for shipment, ONEHOPE will donate towards the current selected Cause saved in the account.


When are donation checks mailed out?

After the order is placed the donation is submitted to the ONEHOPE Home Office Finance Team. Our team then reviews, approves and processes donations on the 10th of each month. When your donation is processed, a check is generated from ONEHOPE, written out to your charity, and mailed by USPS directly to the charity.