Do you offer sugar free wines?

Yes! Our portfolio includes a variety of wines where the natural sugars are fermented, thus resulting in a “dry” or “sugar-free” wine. Our Vintner Collection California Pinot Grigio for example is sugar-free, and one of the driest varietals we offer. Most of the wines in our Reserve and Iconic Collections are “dry” as well. 


At this time we have chosen not to label our wines that are sugar-free but will update you if this changes in the future. 

Learn More on our Website

If you are ever curious about which wines are dry or sweet, you can always visit our website and look at the product descriptions online. Under “Sweetness” you will see each of our wines labeled as either “dry,” “off-dry,” or “sweet.” “Dry” wines are typically sugar-free, “off-dry” wines will have some sweetness from sugars left during fermentation, and “sweet” wines will have the most natural sugar left during this process. You can always contact Support should you have any questions regarding sugar-free wines!