Event Compliance

What type of locations can we host a Tasting Event at as a CE?


ONEHOPE events cannot be held in a location that has an existing spirit, wine or beer license, or that is open to the public and held where guests are not personally invited by an Event Host or Event Guest. ONEHOPE Tasting Events are private Events hosted by a person who is over the age of 21, who also invites guests who are over the age of 21. Below are listed the criteria for an acceptable location for a ONEHOPE Tasting Event. Failure to comply with the standards may result in the termination of participation of the program.


1. The event is being held at a venue that does NOT have a liquor license, such as a. a private home, apartment or other residences that is leased or owned. b. a community clubhouse that is available for private events. c. a private office or meeting room affiliated with a private office or private business, ideally during non-business hours. d. a private business such as a hair salon, nail salon, real estate office, etc. during non-business hours. e. a private hall or private room.

2. It is imperative that the Guests not be charged an admission cost by either the CE or the Host for the event.

3. The venue is only available to the host and their invited guests at the time of the event and is not open to the general public.

4. The serving of ONEHOPE wine is allowed as part of the venue rules (HOA, Landlord, etc). 5. Invitations to the event must be specific and individual. In other words, a social post, posted billboard or general invitation that encourages the general community/public to attend is not allowed.

6. The event CAN NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be open to the public.

7. If the location requires COI (Certificate of Insurance), business license, ABC permit or any additional permits the CE can not participate in the event or venue. ONEHOPE does not provide CEs with any of these additional requests for documentation/information from the home office.


Find more details in our CE Terms and Conditions