Fundraising Event Guidebooks

How do I hold a fundraising event?

Fundraising events are a fun and rewarding way to make an impact in your community! Whether in-person or virtual, we’ve created a guidebook for everything you need to know for a successful fundraising event.

This CE Guidebook provides:

  • How to coach your Host and guide them in the process of organizing their event
  • Timeline of action items you will want to complete leading up to the event
  • Useful documents and checklists for a successful fundraising event


What does my Host need to know for a fundraising event?

You’ve booked your fundraising event, and now we need to set your Host up for success! We have created a Host Guidebook to assist you and your Host in everything needed to hold a successful fundraising event. 

The Host Guidebook provides:

  • How to organize their guest list and plan their impact goals
  • Details of their Host benefits
  • How to prepare for their fundraising event

If your Host would rather not hold a wine tasting but still wants to fundraise for their favorite cause, you can create an Online Fundraiser Page