What is the Fast Start program?

Fast Start

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How does the new Fast Start program work?
There are FOUR ways to earn wine, swag and unlimited cash bonuses with the new Fast Start program. The four ways to earn within the new Fast Start program are: (1) Rock Star Bonus (2) Ring Bonues (3) Fast Start Sales Bonuses (4) 1st Time Promotion Bonuses. Each is detailed below. 

What are the biggest differences between the “original” and “new” Fast Start program?
Starting February 1, 2023 we have enhanced our Fast Start Program in many ways, one of them being that all Fast Start bonuses are now tied to building a balance business of both selling and growing a team. This program also encourages network expansion which is a big driver to having a sustainable business. Therefore, this program focuses on New Customer Retail Sales and adding teammates to your team. 
We’ve also introduced a new Fast Start Bonus called a Ring Bonus. A Ring Bonus ($150) is earned when you sell $500 in new customer Retail Sales & personally sponsor 1 CE! You can earn unlimited Ring Bonuses during your Fast Start timeframe and each time you close a 4th Ring you will also earn an additional $400 cash bonus! 
Another enhancement is in addition to the First Time Promotion cash bonuses up to Director, CEs will also earn exclusive apparel to build their ONEHOPE Wardrobe!  

When does the New Fast Start program officially begin?
All CEs that enroll as a CE starting on February 1, 2023 and after will be able to earn Bonuses based on the New Fast Start program. 

What if a CE enrolled between November ‘22 - January ‘23, which Fast Start Program will they be able to participate in?
Please reference our Fast Start Transition FAQs for more details.

What is a Ring Bonus?
Each Ring you close during your Fast Start period you will earn a $150 cash bonus, and for every 4th Ring you close you will receive a $400 additional bonus! Unlimited Ring bonus potential! On your CE Dashboard you will see the “Ring” visualized with the outer ring representing the $500 in New Customer Retail Sales and the inner circle representing 1 new CE you have personally sponsored. When you complete both of these, you will have closed your Ring and earned your Ring Bonus. 

What do I have to do to earn a Ring Bonus?
To earn your $150 Ring Bonus for Closing out a Ring, you must sell $500 in New Customer Retail Sales & Personally Sponsor 1 CE. 

What is a Rock Star Bonus?
You can earn a Rock Star Bonus, by closing a Ring in your first 14 days as a CE. When you do this, you will not only earn $150 cash, but will receive our Rock Star 6-pack of our award winning wines and an exclusive “Rock Star Shimmer bottle!”

Is there a limit to how many Rings I can close during my Fast Start?
You can earn unlimited Ring Bonuses during your Fast Start (the remainder of your Join Month & your following 3 calendar months). 

What counts toward my New Customer retail sales volume in my Fast Start?
The final retail price (not including shipping or tax) of all products (that have PCV attached to it) purchased by your New customers, count toward your New Customer retail sales total. This includes storefront orders and event orders.
Please note: this does not include Join Kits, Host Kits, Host Rewards, business supplies or CE membership fees. 

Who counts as a New Customer?
A New Customer is a Customer that has never placed an order with ONEHOPE before. 

Does discounted wine (including bulk discounts) count toward my New Customer retail sales?
Yes. As long as the purchaser is a New Customer to ONEHOPE, the discounted price paid (not including shipping or tax) will count toward your New Customer retail sales. 

Does my Join Kit purchase count toward my New Customer retail total?
Join Kit purchases do not count towards your New Customer Retail Sales, but as a New CE (and if you have never purchased from ONEHOPE before) your next order will count towards New Customer Retail Sales. 

Will I be able to look at reports to track my progress?
Yes. We have a Ring Tracker available in your CE Back Office home page, along with a snapshot report on your CE Back Office > Reports home page. A larger Fast Start Tracker  report will be available by the middle March. You can find this in your CE Back Office >Reports.  

When will I receive my Fast Start cash bonuses?
You will be paid your Fast Start cash bonuses on or before the 6th of the following month after you have earned them. For example: If you closed a Ring in February, you will receive your Fast Start Cash Bonus on or before March 6th.