What is the 2023 ONEHOPE Vacation Incentive?

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What is the ONEHOPE Vacation Incentive?
The ONEHOPE Vacation Incentive is an incentive open to all CEs; the earning period will run from February 1 through April 30, 2023!

When is the Incentive earning cycle?
The 3-month incentive begins on February 1  and ends on April 30  at 11:59 pm CT. Points are cumulative during the entire 3-month period.

When and where will ONEHOPE Vacation be taking place?
ONEHOPE Vacation will be taking place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, July 21 - 24 2023! More details to follow.

How do I earn points?
Here’s a breakdown of how to earn points:
SHARE: Earn points when you share wine
Earn 1 Vacation Point per 1 PCV
Earn 2,000 points for each Ring you personally close
Earn an additional 2,000 points for each 4th Ring you personally close

MENTOR: Earn points when your Level 1 CE achieves their Ring goals
Your Level 1 CE Closes a Ring = 1,000 points
Your Level 1 CE Closes their 4th Ring = 1,000 additional points
Earn points when your Level 2 CE achieves their Ring goals
Your Level 2 CE Closes a Ring = 1,000 points
Your Level 2 CE Closes their 4th Ring = 1,000 points

What is Personal Commissionable Volume (PCV)?
Total Commissionable Volume from your personal purchases, retail customer purchases, gifting, wine club and subscription purchases.

What is a Level 1 CE?
A Level 1 CE is a CE on the first line in your tree, they could either be personally sponsored by you or assigned to you.

What is a Level 2 CE?
A Level 2 CE is a CE on the 2nd line in your tree, they are personally sponsored by a CE on your 1st line.

What are the point Levels and rewards?
Level 1 = 10,000 points: You’ll receive a Beach Cooler Tote.
Level 2 = 15,000 points: You’ll receive a Weekender Duffle bag & Packing Cubes.
Level 3 = 20,000 points: When you earn 20,000 points, you’ll earn a trip for 1 to Punta Cana in Summer 2023!!
Level 4 = 25,000 points: When you earn 25,000 points, you’ll receive $500 in travel credit!
Level 5 = 30,000 points: When you earn 30,000 points, you’ll take a beach buddy with you to Punta Cana! 
Level 6 = 35,000 points: When you earn 35,000 points, you’ll receive an additional $500 travel credit for your beach buddy! 

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Can I earn more than one reward Level?
Yes! Points and rewards are cumulative. For example, when you earn Level 4, you’ll also receive the rewards for Levels 1, 2, and 3!

Can I bring a CE as my guest?
Earned guests may not be another CE. Only CEs who have earned Level 4+ can attend. Anyone who is a CE at the time we launched this incentive (has an active CE account as of February 1) cannot be considered a guest for this incentive.

Can I bring my children on the trip to Punta Cana?
No. Guests must be 21 years or older to attend.

Can I pay to bring a guest along, if I only earn Levels 3 or 4?
Buy-ins are not part of the ONEHOPE Vacation Incentive. If you would like to bring a guest, make sure to work toward Level 5!

Will I need to redeem my rewards like the ONEHOPE Vacation?
No, you will not, rewards for Level 1 and Level 2 will be mailed out automatically the month after you have earned the Level.

When will I receive my rewards?
Points will be totaled by the Home Office and rewards will be shipped out once a month. For example, if you achieve 10,000 points in February, the Level 1 item will be shipped to you by the middle of March. 

When will CEs receive the travel credit?
Travel credit will be paid out on the 1st commission payment of the month after you have earned Level 4 or Level 6 (ex. You earned Level 4 on March 14th, you will receive your travel credit in our next bonus commissions run, by the 6th of the following month.

Will there be a place in the back office that shows how I am tracking?
Yes, a Vacation snapshot report will be available in the Reports section of your CE Back Office on the Reports Home Page, this will show you the points you earned so far and the total Rings closed for your Level 1 and Level 2 CEs.

Where can I find the One Sheet and Tracker for the ONEHOPE Vacation incentive?
Tools are available below these questions, and in Resources > Index: ONEHOPE Vacation incentive One Sheet & Tracker and > ONEHOPE Vacation Incentive Calculator

How can I congratulate team members or promote my own accomplishments on my social media pages?

You’ll find CE shareables to post on your social media or text or message to teammates who have achieved reward level goals. Tools are available below these questions, and you’ll also find shareables in Social Media Shareables.

Are ONEHOPE Vacation Points the same as Reward Points?
No. ONEHOPE Vacation points were created just for the ONEHOPE Vacation incentive and will be calculated based on activities specific to this incentive. You’ll receive prizes based on achieving up to 6 Levels in the incentive. ONEHOPE Vacation points are not transferable and do not apply to the Reward Points that are part of the Qualified CE, Host, and Customer Perks programs.

Vacation Website
Vacation Incentive Shareables
Vacation Incentive Info sheet

Vacation FAQs


Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport. 


Can I come early or stay later than the event?

ONEHOPE will not cover any pre-vacation or post-vacation room stays, but Once earning is complete, the hotel will offer a discounted rate for any CEs that would like to stay at the resort pre-vacation or post-vacation. Those additional days will be your responsibility. 

Will I have a roommate in Punta Cana?
If you earned a trip for one you will be paired with a roommate.

#sleepover! #roomies 


What airport will I be flying into?

You will be flying into PUJ Airport.


** Please note that once the earner period is over earners will receive an email from the Field development team asking for their flight manifest to help coordinate transportation from and to the airport as well as to the resort.