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Friends & Family Offer FAQs

What is the Friends & Family Offer?

The Friends & Family Offer is a tool for New Cause Entrepreneurs to use in order to start reaching out to their Friends and Family right away! A New CE can share a link to three questions that will help them get more information about their contacts in an easy and non-intrusive way. In the first two weeks as a CE, you will be able to send out the link to your contacts in a quick and intuitive manner using either SMS or email. The answers to the questions will help you build rapport with your contacts and help recommend wine(s) to buy or follow up with the next steps to join your team if they are interested in hosting an event or selling wine.

In return, the person completing these questions will receive a $15 wine credit on a 4+ bottle order. The Friends and Family Offer will only be valid for 14 days after the CE account was created. Which means the deadline for any order to be placed with this wine credit is the CEs Rock Star End Date. The recipient of the offer will receive automated reminders 3 days and 1 day before the $15 offer expires.


Where can I find this offer to share?

A New CE can access the friends and family offer by navigating to the "Reach Outs" tab in the main menu of the CE Back Office or iOS app.


Who can I send the Friends and Family Offer?

CEs can share their Friends and Family Offer to any of their contacts that have a phone number or email. The CE will need to first import the contact into the contact manager in their CE Back Office or iOS app under the “Contacts” tab in order to share the link to this offer with their friends and family!


How long do I have to send out the Friends and Family Offer?

As a New CE, you will want to share this offer right away. CEs will have 14 days after their Join date to share the Friends and Family Offer with their contacts.

Please note: When this tool was launched in August 2022, New CEs in the Community were given access to this Reach Out tool and were given 7 days to share the offer. As of October 1, 2022, we have updated the ability for New CEs to share this offer all throughout their Rock Star time period (Join Day + 14 days). If your Rock Star time period overlaps with October 1st or after, you will be granted access to continue sharing your Friends & Family Offer for the full 14 days of your Rock Star time period.

Please note: the $15 off offer is only valid for the Join Day + 14 days after the Cause Entrepreneurs' start date. The expiration date is also the same day your Rock Star time period ends at 11:59pm CT


Can I preview the 3 questions before sending them out to contacts?

Yes, you will be able to preview the questions before sending them to your contacts. The preview is located on the "invite list" page. This page is where the CE will see all the contacts that are eligible to send an SMS or email with the link to the questions.


How does my contact get their $15 wine credit?

The $15 wine credit will be shared on the confirmation page once the three questions are answered. A confirmation email or text will also be shared upon answering the 3 questions. A Customer can enter their $15 wine credit code during checkout when prompted to enter a Gift Card/Promo code. This $15 off code is only applicable to 4+ bottle orders.

Should your customer be signed into the onehopewine.com website their $15 off wine credit will automatically be applied to their cart when 4+ bottles are added to their cart.

A guest can checkout and enter the code manually to redeem the offer when they have 4+ bottles added to their cart. 


Does the offer code expire?

Yes. Each CEs Friends and Family Offer will expire 14 days after the Cause Entrepreneurs' start date or the same day your Rock Star time period ends which is your Join Day + 14 days at 11:59pm CT.

Anyone who completed the survey will receive a reminder to use the coupon 3 days, and 1 day before expiration.


How do I view my contact's results?

You will be able to see the results for all your contacts that have answered the three questions by visiting Reach Outs > View Results. You can view what kind of wine they prefer, what causes they are passionate about, and if they are interested in hosting an event!


What can a Customer use the $15 wine credit on?

The Friends & Family Offer can be redeemed during a Customer's checkout on onehopewine.com. This $15 wine credit cannot be redeemed towards a Gifting Order placed through the Gifting Team.


What happens if my customer completes the survey questions, after the 14th day, or my Rock Star end date?

Unfortunately, this offer is time-sensitive. Answering the three questions and redeeming the wine credit must be complete within 14 days of the CE joining.