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Gifting FAQs

What is the difference between the Wine Boxes and Gift Set?

Wine Boxes are sold and shipped with the wine inside of the box. These boxes ship for a flat rate of $15 each.

The Wine Box options are:

  • 1 Bottle Wood Boxes
  • 1 and 2 Bottle Magnetic Boxes

Our Gift Sets can be purchased with 1+ bottles of wine. 

The Gift Set options are:

  • Pet Lover Gift Set
  • Celebration Gift Set
  • Artisan Gift Set
  • Sweets + Treats Gift Set
  • Wine & Pizza Night Gift Set 
  • Happy Birthday Gift Set 

For information on the difference in PCV that can be earned on Wine Boxes vs. Gift Sets, please visit the article: Can CEs receive commission on corporate + custom gifting orders? And what is the PCV earned?


How do Gifts ship?

With our configurable packaging, Gift Sets will ship inside our standard shipping box alongside the wine(s) purchased. Because of this, gift sets ship at no additional cost!



The shipping is a flat fee of $15. 

Wood and Magnetic Gift Boxes will ship in individual shippers. The shipping is a flat fee of $15 per gift. 

These include:

  • 1 Bottle Wood Boxes
  • 1 and 2 Bottle Magnetic Boxes

How much is shipping to 12 or more individual addresses?
    Shipping is a flat fee of $15 per gift

    Will the Gift Set Add-ons ship from all distribution centers?



    Can Wine Boxes be added alongside a wine purchase?

    These can be purchased in the same shopping cart through the website but will need to ship in a separate package due to sizing limitations with our configurable packaging. 

    Please note: Wine Boxes have their own Flat Rate Shipping Fee of $15.


    Is there a maximum number of Gift Set Add-ons that can be purchased per order?

    In order to purchase 1 Gift Set, a minimum of 1 bottle of wine must be added to the cart. We have a maximum of 12 Gift Sets per order. For orders of more than 12 Gift Sets, you will need to place a separate order or reach out to Gifting@onehopewine.com.

    Please note: If you order more than 12 gift sets to one location, additional shipping costs will apply.


    Can a Gift Set be added on to a Custom Gifting order through the Gifting Department?

    In order to purchase a Gift Set, 1+ bottles of wine must be purchased. For example, If your customer is purchasing a case of Custom Etched Shimmer, the customer can order Celebration Gift Sets to accompany the 12 bottles of wine that were ordered. 


    When should I go through the Home Office Gifting Team?

    The Gifting Team is available to assist with all of your corporate gifting questions! In addition, we can help process the following orders:

    • Gifts shipping to 12+ addresses
    • Bulk Wine Shipments of 10+ Cases 
    • Custom etched wood boxes 
    • Custom etched Shimmer cases


    Can I include my CE information or website link on a Gift note?

    We do not have a way to automatically add the CE contact information or website link to gift notes. If it is a bulk order, you can always get customer approval to add your details with the gift! This information must be included in the Gifting Order Form Gift Note Column so it uploads to our fulfillment system. 


    How is tax determined on a Corporate/Custom Order?

    Tax for Corporate/Custom Orders is based on one Billing address. This Billing Address is usually the Corporate Company’s main office address or the sender’s address.


    Do Customer Perks apply when you add Gift Sets to your order?

    Yes! When customers order 4+ bottles and a Gift Set Add-On, they will receive their standard discounts of 5-20% Off Wine.


    Are there Bulk Gifting Discounts?

    Yes - For orders of 25+ gifts, you can receive the following discount through the Gifting Department.

    • The discount applies to the total cost of the gift prior to tax and shipping.  This includes the gift packaging, the wine and any additional items (i.e etching, stickers, custom gift notes, etc.). 
    • The following are excluded from Bulk Gifting Discounts:
        • Bulk Wine Shipments to One Location

    Can Customer Perk Discounts be stacked with Bulk Gifting Discounts?

    For Bulk Gifting orders of 25+ gifts that include 4+ bottles of wine & a gift set per address, the discounts do stack! For Example, for an order with 4 bottles of wine and a gift set, the customer would receive 5% off the wine PLUS an additional 5% off the wine as well as 5% off the gift set. 


    If someone becomes a wine club member on a purchase that includes gift set add-ons, will the gift set add-ons be considered part of the subscription?

    Gift set add-ons will act the same as a PwP for first time Wine Club member orders. They will only be added to the initial order, not to the future subscriptions. 


    Is the bandana in the Pet Lover Gift Set Adjustable?

    Yes, it can be tied or you can use the snaps to fit small to large animals. It can also loop your pet’s collar through it to extend the size. 


    Can the flutes in the Celebration Gift Set be etched?

    Yes, the flutes can be etched with a minimum purchase of 12 gift sets and are an additional $10 per gift set. To add the etching, please email gifting@onehopewine.com


    Can the Gift Set Add-on be sent through gifting without wine or as a non-alcoholic gift?

    Non-alcoholic gifts cannot be purchased through the website. With an order of 12+ gifts to individual addresses, the gifting team can assist with non-alcoholic substitutions as needed. 


      What is the turn around on Gift Set Add-on Orders?

      Gift Set-add on orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days of being received; most orders go out next business day.


      Can you etch on the back of the custom etched shimmer bottle?

      No, we can only etch on the front of the bottles. For compliance purposes, we must keep the back label intact. 


      Can etching on custom etched shimmer bottles be done in color?

      We cannot add color to the etching. Rather it is a laser etcher that removes a layer of shimmer, exposing the glass and liquid underneath.


      Can you etch on different parts of the single bottle wood boxes?

      We can etch on different parts of the single wood box, however, it can incur additional etching fees. 


      Can the Mini (187ml) bottles be customized?

      We do not have a way of customizing the mini bottles with custom labels, etching or adding shimmer. We only offer custom Glitter, which is $30/bottle ($360 per case).