Host Booking Reach Outs

What are the Host Booking Reach Outs?

“Host Booking” is a new category accessible through your Reach Outs library. This will be a one-stop place for you to start a conversation with potential Hosts and educate them about our Host program, our give back and get them excited to book a fundraiser.

Which Reach Outs will be included in Host Booking?

  • Find your first Host
  • Your customers could become your next Host
  • Gift an Event Kit Credit
  • Host a Fundraiser with ONEHOPE
  • Setup an Online Fundraiser Page

When should I use Host Booking Reach Outs?

At any time! Using the Host Booking Reach Outs will be a great way to connect with your contacts and share your wine business. The first step to filling up your calendar with fundraisers is getting the conversation started.

How can I learn more about Reach Outs?

You can learn more here.