How can I tell who is close to being promoted on my team?

In the Reports area, go to the “My Team” menu and select the “New Team Activity Report.” Click the “Filter Results” button and in the “View by Current Rank” section. 


Let’s say you want to see all the people on your team who are CEs, but are close to being promoted to LCE. To see this, click “CE” then the “Apply Filter” button.


Here you will see everyone on your team who is currently a CE. To be promoted to LCE, you need to have 300 in PCV and 1 qualified leg. Check the CV column of the report to see which CEs are close to having 300 in PCV. 


Then click the “Leg Counts Info” tab toward the top of the table to see which of your CEs has a qualified leg 


You can apply additional filters using the same method above to see additional rankings.