How can my customers shop my personal website?

Your personal website link will be visible to you from your CE Back Office homepage. You should direct your customers to use this link when they are ready to order 


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You can also send your customers personalized links to any page on You can do this by adding ?dealer=[your-dealer-id] to the end of any URL. For example, if you want to send your customer to purchase a wine club subscription but you want to make sure you receive credit for their order you can send them to: (don’t forget to replace this example dealer ID with your own)


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If you want to send your customer to to shop an event, you’ll need to send them a link to your event’s unique landing page. 


From the Events section of your CE Back Office, find the event you want to share and click on it. Click the “Event Page” button. From there you will get a pop-up showing you your event’s unique link. You can copy it and share it widely!