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How do I earn an Event Kit Credit?

A CE can earn unlimited Event Kit Credits by conducting qualified in-person events.

A qualified in-person event means:
- Your In-Person Wine Tasting has $500+ in sales (before tax and shipping).
- There were 3 unique orders placed through the fundraiser URL. This means 3 orders that are placed by 3 different customers.

Once the fundraising event is closed and all qualifiers outlined above are met an Event Kit Credit will be added immediately to the CEs account. The credits will be shown in the CE Back Office under the “Credits” tab.

If you do not see the Event Kit Credit, please double-check that your fundraiser qualified with the cadence above and is closed by clicking "close event" at the bottom of your event management page. 

If you need any assistance or have any questions please reach out to Customer Support. 

PRO TIP: CEs can earn unlimited Event Kit Credits by having qualified in-person fundraisers. Once an Event Kit Credit is earned you can use it to help you book an upcoming wine tasting with your next Host by offering the opportunity to get 6 complimentary bottles!