How do I meet other Cause Entrepreneurs?

We are incredibly proud of our community of passionate Cause Entrepreneurs who are on a mission to share award-winning wines, earn an income, and make a difference in the world. This is a group of philanthropists, wine lovers, and trailblazers that help spread hope to like-minded customers across the U.S.


We have a few places for you to connect with other CE's including: 

  • The ONEHOPE Community Facebook Group

  • The ONEHOPE Leader Group on Facebook (exclusive to Directors+)

  • In-Person Events: Conferences, Training Sessions, and Trips

  • Independent Team Gatherings Hosted by Upline Team Leaders 


We always encourage you to connect with other CE's via text, phone, Zoom, or in-person whenever possible. These women and men in our community will start as your teammates, turn into your support group, and ultimately become your life-long friends.