How do I order wine for my event?

Cause Entrepreneurs and hosts can order discounted cases of wine for their in-person events. 6-bottle cases of event wine can be purchased starting at $99 or 12-bottle cases starting at $198. To purchase a case of event wine, you can either create a new event in your Back Office or modify an existing event. To learn more about creating an event in your CE Back Office see this article.


If you are creating a new event, when asked “Do you need wine for this event?” select “Yes.” Then, proceed to select either 6 bottles or 12 bottles and select whether you or the host will be selecting the wine. If the host is selecting the wine, they will receive a special private link via email that will take them to the event wine purchase flow.


If you want event wine to be purchased for an existing event, simply navigate to that event in your Back Office by clicking Events in the left-hand menu and then searching for your event. Click on the event and then click on the “Wine” tab. If you do not see an event wine ordering link, then click the pencil icon to the right of details. Make sure that you select “yes” for the question “Do you need to order wine for this event?” Fill out the rest of the required questions and hit save. A unique order link will appear. 



Click on the order link URL to be taken to the event wine ordering flow. Here you can choose to select one of our curated mixed packs as your event wine, or you can build your own case.


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Once the event wine order has been placed, navigate back to the wine tab. You’ll see all the details for the event wine order, and will be able to track its status to ensure it arrives in time for your event!