How do I place a personal order as a CE?

Depending on what you would like to order and your qualification status, you have a few options for placing personal orders as a Cause Entrepreneur.

Purchasing Business Supplies

To buy business supplies like catalog and order forms, you must place your order from the CE Catalog. To get to the CE Catalog, go to your CE Back Office then click the “Reports” tab from the left-hand navigation. From the Reports area, go to the Main Menu and navigate to the Shop. Click on the “Business Supplies” Catalog and continue with placing your order. 


Purchasing Wine or Gifts

To purchase wine or gifts as a Cause Entrepreneur, you must first visit and click “Shop.” Check the black bar at the top of your screen to make sure it says “Shopping for: myself” and not one of your customers. If you do not see this bar, please be sure you are logged in under your account. 


If you are seeing “Shopping for: [customer name]” in the black bar at the top of your screen, this means you are in concierge mode. To exit concierge mode, simply click on “exit” in the top black bar. 



Once you are confirmed that you're logged in under your account, proceed with ordering through the Shop or through an event link. Purchases made in the Shop will result in Commissionable Volume (CV) and the commission you earn will essentially discount your purchase by 20-25%.