How do I place an order for my customer at an event?

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If you would like to place the order under an event, click on the “Events” link in the left-hand navigation of your CE Back Office. From there, select the event you would like to place the order under. 


From the event management view, click the “Guest Orders” tab. Then click the “New Order” button. You can also select the “Order” button in the all events view.


You will see a pop-up message asking you to search for an existing contact or to create a new contact. If the customer you’re ordering for is an existing contact, you can search for them by name. If the contact is brand new, you can create the new contact within this pop-up. 


Once you have selected the contact you’re ordering for, click the “start order” button. From there you will be launched into the shop in “concierge ordering mode,” which means you are placing the order within the contact’s account. 


You can tell that you’re in “concierge mode” by checking the black banner at the very top of your browser window. It will say “Shopping for: [customer-name] Host: [event-host-name]”. 



Please note that the host information only shows in the black banner if you are shopping under an event. Complete the order at checkout and you will receive commission for the purchase!