How do I set up an event in my Back Office?

To set up an event, you must first log into your CE Back Office. Next, click the “Events” link in the left-hand navigation. Select the “Create New Event” button in the top-right corner. 

From there you will be taken through the event creation flow which includes these steps:

  1. Choose if a wine tasting will occur at your event. If not, you will be prompted to create an Online Fundraiser Page. 
  2. If a wine tasting is occurring you will then be prompted to enter the host, nonprofit, and event location details. 
  3. If a wine tasting does not occur at your event, you will create an Online Fundraiser Page. You will enter the host and nonprofit details but will not need to enter a location.

Once your event has been created you will be taken to the event’s management page. You can always contact our Customer Support team if you have any issues creating an event or need further assistance.