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How do I share the Friends & Family Offer?

How do I share the Friends & Family Offer? 

Sharing this offer will help you to announce your business and will offer your contacts a $15 wine credit! You can access the offer through the ONEHOPE iOS app or through your CE Back Office by navigating to “Reach Outs”. When sharing this Reach Out, you will be asking your contact to answer 3 simple questions in order to receive their $15 wine credit. You can share this offer with as many people as you’d like via SMS or email. However, the only way to share your offer is by adding the contact to your “Contact Manager” in your CE account and then clicking Send Invite>Send to each contact you wish to share the offer with. 


Please note: This offer is time-sensitive!


CEs will have access to share this offer only during their Rock Start time period which is the first two weeks as a CE. (This means your Join Day + 14 days.)

The contact who answers the questions will have through the end of the CEs Rock Start time period (Join Day + 14 days) to redeem their $15 wine credit on any 4+ bottle order. 

To watch the full demo using the ONEHOPE iOS app or web version, go HERE.

If you still have additional questions, book a 1 on 1 Zoom Call with our Customer Support Team to help you! Be sure to pick the soonest available time that works best for you! (Use this LINK to book a time slot!) You don’t want to miss any time to share your offer!


Below we’ll walk you through the steps to sharing the offer: 


Step 1: Import your contacts - (via ONEHOPE iOS app)

  • Select ‘Contacts’ tab on the bottom row of tabs. Select the (+) on the top right
  • Import Contacts
  • Approve Access
  • ‘Select All’ or individual contacts then select ‘Add’ on the very top right


Step 2: Send Invites - (via iOS ONEHOPE App)

  • Go to the Menu tab on the bottom row of icons 
  • Select Reach Outs
  • Select Send Invites - this will show you all contacts you’ve uploaded. You can now share the offer with those you see listed. 
  • Select the Send button next to the contact’s name
  • Send the SMS/Email (do not edit or reuse the link that is auto-generated). Links are hyperlinked for each recipient.


This is what the pre-populated messages will look like when you share the 3-questions. You are welcome to customize the message and make it personal to each contact. Remember, you do not want to edit the link to take the survey, as it is unique to each of your contacts.


   Email Offer Message:                          SMS Offer Message:





Step 3: After Sending - your contact will show as Pending until they answer the 3 questions.

  • In the invite screen, select “See Pending Invites”



Step 4: Be sure to “Remind” your Contacts to follow the link to the questions, so they can take advantage of this offer.

You can view your “Pending Invites” which means the offer was shared, but not completed.

  • Select “Remind” next to the contact's name
  • Send the SMS/Email (do not edit or reuse the link)


Step 5: Contact answers the questions.

  • Contact opens the link and will be directed to the 3 questions.



Step 6: Confirmation Page

  • Upon completion, the Contact will be directed to a confirmation page with their unique wine credit code.
    - They will receive a confirmation email/sms upon completion
  • The contact will receive a reminder via SMS/email to redeem their wine credit when they have 3 days and 1 day left before expiration. The expiration date to redeem the offer is based on your CE Rock Star End Date (Join day + 14 days)
  • On the confirmation page, there is a ‘Start shopping’ or ‘Shop Now’ button that will redirect to your CE shop page.
    - Please note: The $15 wine credit will be added to the contact’s shopping cart when 4+ bottles are added.
    All purchases made while using the Friends & Family offer will count towards the CE’s retail sales and contribute towards the goal of selling $500 in retail sales during the Rock Star period to earn the Rock Star bonus.


       For more FAQs about the Friends & Family Offer, look here.