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How do I submit an order for corporate + custom gifting?

Depending on what your client would like to order, there are a few ways to go about submitting it.

Bulk Gifting Orders

There are two ways to submit an order for a gifting lead interested in purchasing 12 or more gifts.

  1. The first option is to make an introduction between your client and the Home Office Corporate Gifting Team. This team will assist with any questions and take the order from start to finish while keeping you looped in throughout the process. Once the order has been submitted and paid, you will receive commission on any purchases made.
  2. The second option is to oversee the order directly with your client and then submit the order form details on their behalf. The completed Gifting Order Form should be submitted to gifting@onehopewine.com. Once the order form has been received, the gifting team will create an invoice via Quickbooks where you or the client will be able to review and submit payment online.

Order Form & Shipping Details 

Please make sure that the order form is submitted in the original format provided. This form is uploaded directly to our fulfillment system, and submitting it in this format helps to avoid any potential human error. 

  • Email & Phone Number - these fields are not required but they are strongly recommended for delivery success. These will not be used for any marketing or outreach aside from our Customer Support Team contacting the client if they are not available to sign for their package, as well as FedEx tracking notifications so that the client can plan accordingly.
  • Gift Messages - Clients may include a gift message by adding the note they would like printed under the “Gift Note” column of the order form. The gift message included on the order form may be personalized for each recipient name if desired and can be up to 500 characters. Please note quotation marks (") and double hyphens (- -) do not work within our fulfillment system for gift notes. If a personalized note is not included, ONEHOPE will print a generic gift message about our impact to date that is sent with the order. 

We can also print custom gift notes for a minimum order of 12 with a company logo for an additional $3 per gift, however, these cannot be personalized with recipient’s names. They must include the same message for all recipients. 

Please check out some of our Custom Gift Notes here. 

Please note, We do not have a way to automatically add the CE contact info to gift notes. If it is a bulk order, you can always get customer approval to add it! To include your CE Information or Website Link on a Gift note, please get approval from your customer. You should then include this information in the Gifting Order Form Gift Note Column so it uploads to our fulfillment system. 

Corporate Gifting order forms can be found in the Index. 

For more information on adding a logo or customization to an order, please refer to the article: How do I add a custom logo or etching?