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How much PCV do I earn on gifting orders?

The PCV earned depends on which item is purchased.

PCV earned through the Gifting Department is the same that you earn through your online storefront!

Bulk wine shipments are 85% PCV. This includes shipments to one location or shipments to 12 or more addresses.

Wood and Magnetic Boxes, including wine and contents, are 66.67% PCV.

Custom Etched Shimmer and Custom Label Bottles are 85% PCV when shipped by the case or in a standard shipper. If it is included in a Wine Box, it is 66.67% PCV.

Gift Set Add-ons are 50% PCV, while the wine included earns 85% PCV. The more wine customers add with Gift Sets, the more commission you make!

Please note: Gifting Orders have to be manually added to your Back Office Reports and do not show instantly once payment is received.


The Home Office will make sure the sale is added before the next pay period once the invoice has been paid. For example, any gifting orders that are paid for between the 1st-15th of the month will be added prior to the 16th pay date.

If you are trying to earn your Rock Star Bonus with a Gifting Order, please give the Gifting Team a head’s up to ensure the order is added in time for you!