How do I redeem an event kit credit?

If you've received an Event Kit Credit you will be able to redeem it from your CE Back Office. On the left-hand navigation bar, you will see a tab for "Credits." From that tab, you will be able to view "All, Available, Redeemed, and Expired Credits". 

One Event Kit Credit can be redeemed for six bottles of wine! This credit has a value of $150. If bottles are selected that total over a $150 value there will be a per bottle upcharge outlined at checkout. Event Kit Credits can only be redeemed through an in-person wine tasting fundraiser.

For example: If 6 Vintner Collection bottles are selected, there will be no additional fee. If 5 Vintner bottles are selected and 1 bottle of Reserve Paso Robles Cabernet, there will be a $5 upcharge for the Reserve Cabernet. 


To Redeem the Event Kit Credit you can:

1) Apply one credit towards six bottles of wine when creating an In-Person wine tasting.

2) Once your In-Person event has been created through "Events" in your CE Back Office or iOS app you or the Host can select the wine for the tasting by using the event’s unique ordering link.

3) Don’t have any event kit credits in the bank? No worries, an Event Kit can be purchased at a 40% discount starting at $99 for six bottles. Event Kit Credits can also be earned by a CE for conducting a qualified event! Learn more, here

Learn more about how to redeem an Event Kit Credit in the Training Center. 


Please note: Event Kit Credits have a 60 Day expiration date after being issued.


Should you have any issues using your event kit credit or need further assistance, you can always contact our Customer Support team.