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Is there special pricing for Wedding + Event purchases?

Wine Shipments of 10 or more cases being shipped to one location are considered a bulk purchase and qualify for the following:

  • 25% Discount on Standard Wines
  • 10% Discount on Custom Etched Shimmer
  • 10% Discount on Mini Wine Cases
  • 85% PCV 
  • Flat Rate $10 Shipping
  • 10% local donation applies 

Bulk purchases can be placed through the gifting department. Please email the following information to gifting@onehopewine.com and they will issue an invoice via Quickbooks. 

  • Varietal(s)
  • Quantity of each
  • Billing Name and Address
  • Shipping Name and Address if different than Billing

If the customer is looking to purchase under 10 cases, they would receive the standard discounts offered through the website. For them to make a donation to a charity of their choice, please set up an online fundraiser for them to purchase directly through the website.