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Is there special pricing for Wedding + Event purchases?

Wine Shipments of 10 or more cases being shipped to one location are considered a bulk purchase and qualify for the following:

  • 25% Discount on Standard Wines
  • 10% Discount on Custom Etched Shimmer
  • 10% Discount on Mini Wine Cases
  • 85% PCV 
  • Flat Rate $15 Shipping
  • 10% local donation applies 

Bulk purchases can be placed through the gifting department. Please email the following information to gifting@onehopewine.com and they will issue an invoice via Quickbooks. 

  • Varietal(s)
  • Quantity of each
  • Billing Name and Address
  • Shipping Name and Address if different than Billing

If the customer is looking to purchase under 10 cases, they would receive the standard discounts offered through the website.