June 2021 Incentives

May & June Director Challenge

1. What is the May & June Director Challenge?
Announced at CRUSH, when you achieve the pay rank of Director or above in May and/or June, you will receive a virtual weekend bootcamp with CRUSH speaker, Sallie Holder.


2. What if I only achieve Director pay rank one of the two months?
You will still earn the reward. You can achieve Director pay rank in either or both months.


3. When is the Bootcamp with Sallie Holder?
Saturday, July 17-Sunday, July 18, 2021.


4. What is the topic of the bootcamp?
Your Revenue Roadmap.


5. Who is Sallie Holder?
Sallie Holder is an experienced business coach, consultant, & trainer who inspires and empowers you to grow yourself and your business. Over her career she has trained more than three hundred women around the world on sales strategies & how to effectively build their own business.


What is the Summer Sprint Incentive?

CEs will have the opportunity to earn an Event Kit Credit! To earn the credit, you must have 600+ PCV in June. 


What if I hit 600 PCV before the announcement of the Event Kit Credit in June?

All CEs who hit 600 PCV in June will receive the Event Kit Credit, regardless of the date it was achieved. 


What wines are included in the Event Kit Credit?

You, the CE or the Host of the event can choose the wines when redeeming an Event Kit Credit. 


What wines can I redeem the Event Kit Credit for?

You can redeem your Event Kit Credit for 6 Vintner Collections wines for free with an additional charge for any upgraded bottles.


How do I redeem my Event Kit Credit?

You will redeem your Event Kit Credit in the Wine tab during the Event creation process. 


When will I receive my Event Kit Credit?

The Event Kit Credit will be added to your Credits tab in your CE Back Office once June Commissions are run. 


Why is the Qualified CE Wine Cellar no longer accessible?

We are so excited for you to earn the June mystery 4-pack! We are constantly working on ways to improve the CE experience and at this time, the Home Office Team has decided to remove the CE Wine Cellar.


Can I still purchase Business Supplies and Swag from the Shop?

Yes! Business Supplies and Swag can still be purchased through the Shop. 



What is the Birthday Bash Bonus?

CEs who have 2007 PCV from June 1-30, 2021 will earn a 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet in a beautiful new (unreleased) bottle PLUS an invitation to a private wine tasting birthday bash hosted by Mari and the Founders.


Why is it 2007 PCV?

ONEHOPE launched in 2007! 


Can customers purchase the same bottle of 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet?

No. This is a new bottle design and is not available to customers at this time. You’ll want to earn this gorgeous bottle now so that you can show it to customers when it’s available for purchase.


When will I receive my wine?

Your NV Cab will be shipped to you automatically after June commissions are run at the beginning of July, prior to the private wine tasting with Mari and Founders. 


When will the private tasting Birthday Bash with Mari be held?

Tuesday, July 13 at 6:00 pm PT . Achievers will be notified with instructions on how to attend the virtual event. This event is by invitation only for CEs who had 2007+ PCV in June.


Will the private tasting event be recorded?