Kudos Calls FAQs

What is a Kudos Call?

Kudos Calls are casual recognition Zoom calls. We invite CEs who are hitting certain milestones in their business to join us for Happy Hour or Coffee. We typically have one Executive Team Member and one Home Office team member host each call so you can meet and get to know them. Each call is tied to the milestones listed in the Leader Board that is posted every month in the Training Center. 

How do I get invited to a Kudos Call?

Keep working hard on your business, we have calls tied to 1st-time Promotions, Fast Start Milestones, Top in PCV, Top in Wine Clubs, Top in Event Donations, and Incentive Milestones as well. 

When do the invites go out?

Emails are sent out monthly by the 10th. 

Who does the email come from?

Emails are from the Field Development Team and email address support@onehopewine.com

Is it a formal call? 

Nope! It is a chance to introduce the Home Office Team Members, and an Exec Team Member to our Community of CEs and for our CEs to connect and meet each other! 

What do I need to have prepared to attend?  

Nothing!  We just want you to be authentically you.