October Cash Bonus Incentive

October Cash Bonus Incentive


What is the October Cash Bonus Incentive?

In October, earn additional cash bonuses by personal sponsoring and promoting in rank!


Personally Sponsor CEs with the Wine Kit Add-On in October and receive cash bonuses for each New CE!


Personal Sponsoring: 

  • Personally Sponsor 2 CEs with Wine Kit Add On and get an increased Sponsoring Bonus of $50 for each CE = $100 total!
  • Personally Sponsor 3+ CEs with Wine Kit Add On and get an increased Sponsoring Bonus of $70 for each CE = $210 for 3….$280 for 4… unlimited!!


1st Time Promotion Bonuses:

  • Earn double 1st Time Promotion Bonuses when you 1st Time Promote to any rank!


What are the dates of the Incentive?

October 1 through October 31, 2021


What if I personally sponsor a CE and they did not purchase a Join Kit with the Wine Kit Add-On?

Unfortunately, they do not count towards personal sponsoring for this incentive. 


Is there a limit to the Personal Sponsoring Bonus in October?

No! The sky's the limit for the number of cash bonuses you can earn during this incentive, if you Personally Sponsor 10 CEs in October with the Wine Kit Add-On you would earn $700 in Sponsoring Bonuses! 


Are Mentoring Half Match bonuses doubled during this incentive as well?

No, they are not. 


When will the bonuses for October be paid out?

Once end of month commissions have been run. 


If I double 1st Time Promote in October will both bonuses be doubled?

Yes! Let’s say you 1st Time Promote to Senior Cause Entrepreneur & Executive Cause Entrepreneur in October, you would receive $200 for SCE & $400 for ECE! 


For October what are the 1st Time Promotion Bonuses for each pay rank?

They are the evergreen 1st Time Promotion Bonuses listed HERE, doubled. We have included the 1st Time Promotion Bonus amount for October below: 


Lead Cause Entreprenuer = $100

Senior Cause Entrepreneur = $200

Executive Cause Entrepreneur = $400

Director = $500

Impact Director = $2,000

Lead Director = $1,000

Senior Director = $2,000

Executive Director* = $2,500

Senior Executive Director* = $5,000

National Executive Director* = $10,000


*For the pay ranks of Executive Director and higher, you will earn double your 1st or 2nd installment of the Promotion Bonuses. (Ex.1: You promoted to ED for the 1st time in March and received the first half of your promotion bonus, when you hit ED for the 2nd time in October you will have your 2nd installment doubled!  Ex. 2: You have your goals set to 1st time promote to SED in October, you will receive double the 1st installment of your promotion bonus, and will still be paid out the 2nd installment when you hit SED the 2nd time.)  


Will there be shareables I can use to promote this incentive with my team?

Yes, they will be available in Resources > Index > Social Shareables