What is the Rutherford Rewards Challenge?

Rutherford Rewards Challenge

Rutherford Rewards FAQs

What is the Rutherford Rewards Challenge?
We’re bringing the Estate to you with the Rutherford Rewards Challenge! 

When is the Rutherford Rewards Incentive?
The 2-month Incentive begins on February 1 and ends on March 31 at 11:59pm CT. Points are cumulative during the entire 2-month period...so don’t give up! You’ve got 2 months to earn!

How do I earn points?
There are three ways to earn points in the challenge: Share wine, Mentor teammates and Grow your business. Here’s a breakdown of the points:

CEs in Fast Start Earn DOUBLE POINTS during your Fast Start time period.

SHARE: Earn points when you share wine
Earn 1 Rutherford Point per 1 PCV

MENTOR: Earn points when your Level 1 CE achieves their Fast Start goals
Your Level 1 CE achieves Jump Start Rock Star Bonus = 250 points
Your Level 1 CE achieves Jump Start Fast Start 100 Bonus = 500 points

GROW: Earn points when you 1st time promote, help others 1st time promote, and achieve your Paid-As rank.

LCE = 500 points
SCE = 1000 points
ECE = 2000 points
Director = 3000 points
Lead Director = 4000 points
Sr. Director = 5000 points
Executive Director = 6000 points
Senior Executive Director = 7000 points
National Executive Director = 8000 points

LCE = 500 points
SCE = 1000 points
ECE = 2000 points
Director = 3000 points
Lead Director = 4000 points
Sr. Director = 5000 points
Executive Director = 6000 points
Senior Executive Director = 7000 points
National Executive Director = 8000 points

LCE = 250 points
SCE = 500 points
ECE = 1000 points
Director = 1500 points
Lead Director = 2000 points
Sr. Director = 2500 points
Executive Director = 3000 points
Senior Executive Director = 3500 points
National Executive Director = 4000 points

What is Personal Commissionable Volume (PCV)?
Total Commissionable Volume from your personal purchases, retail customer purchases, gifting, wine club and subscription purchases.

How can I tell who is in Fast Start?
The Fast Start period is the month a CE joins plus the next three full calendar months, with different milestones during that time frame. CEs in Fast Start can check their Fast Start progress in Reports > My Activity > Personal Fast Start Activity Report. Mentors can check their teammates Fast Start progress in Reports > My Team > My Team Fast Start Report.

What is a Level 1 CE?
Anyone you personally sponsored, or who is assigned to you is considered your Level 1 CE.

What is an Upline Leader?
An Upline Leader is the first Upline of equal or higher paid-as rank in a calendar month.

Can I double dip and earn points for both 1st time promoting to a rank AND being paid at that rank?
Yes! For example, if you 1st time promote to Director in March (which means you’ll also be paid-as a Director in March) you’ll earn 3000 points for your 1st time promotion + 3000 points for being paid-as Director = 6000 points!)

What Pay Rank consistency points do I qualify for in a month when I promote in rank more than one level?
You will earn points at the highest rank you reach in that month for the Paid-As rank consistency points you earn when you are paid-at a rank of SCE or higher in a calendar month.For example: If you are an SCE and you 1st time promote to ECE and Director in a given month, you will receive 1st time promotion points for ECE and Director; but, you will only earn “paid as” consistency points at the Director level (3,000 pts) for that month.

What first time promotion points will I earn if I double promote in a calendar month?
If you double (or triple) promote, you will earn First Time Promotion points for each promotion you achieve from SCE and higher.

What are the point Levels and rewards?
Once available, we will share the Rutherford Reward Challenge catalog website. Until then, check out the list of rewards below!

Level 1 = 5,000 points: You’ll receive a beautiful branded Blanket!

Level 2 = 10,000 points: When you earn 10,000 points, you’ll get to choose 1 $500 Gift Card to one of these three stores:
Restoration Hardware to style your Home!
Home Depot to update your Home!
Apple to outfit your Home Office!

Level 3 = 15,000 points: When you earn 15,000 points, you’ll earn an invite to our CRUSH Watch Party up in Napa, along with a 2 night hotel stay!

Level 4 = 20,000 points: When you earn 20,000 points you will receive a $500 travel credit!

Level 5 = 25,000 points: For the top level, you’ll be invited to a private reception for all Level 5 achievers during the CRUSH Watch party in Napa!

Is there a February Bonus?
Yes there is! When you earn 3,000 pts in February you will receive a ONEHOPE branded scarf!

Can I earn more than one reward Level?
Yes! Points and rewards are cumulative. For example, when you earn Level 4, you’ll also receive the rewards for Levels 1, 2 and 3!

When will I receive my rewards?
Points will be totaled by the Home Office and rewards will be awarded once a month. For example, if you achieve 15,000 points in February, you’ll receive your reward items in middle March after February commissions are run. 

What do I need to do to receive my rewards?
Nothing, all rewards will be mailed directly to you by the 15th of the month after you have earned the reward. 

Will there be a place in the back office that shows how we are tracking?
Yes! Your Rutherford Rewards Incentive report can be found in Reports > My Activity > Rutherford Rewards Challenge Report. This report helps you track your own progress as well as teammates progress. The report will be updated once a day. We recommend you keep track of your points manually as well. Your report will be updated once each business day.

Where can I find the One Sheet and Tracker for the Rutherford Rewards Incentive?

Tools are available in the Help Center Index, as well as below. 

Rutherford Rewards Challenge One Sheet

Rutherford Rewards Challenge Shareables

How can I congratulate team members or promote my own accomplishments on my social media pages?
You’ll find CE shareables to post on your social media, or text or message to teammates who have achieved reward level goals. Tools are available below these questions, and you’ll also find shareables in Resources > Index > Social Media Shareables.


Are Rutherford Reward Points the same as Reward Points?
No. Rutherford Reward points were created just for the Rutherford Reward challenge and will be calculated based on activities specific to this challenge. You’ll receive prizes based on achieving up to 5 Levels in the challenge. Rutherford points are not transferable and do not apply to the Reward Points that are part of the Qualified CE, Host and Customer Perks programs.


Do I need to register for CRUSH 2022 if I earn access to the CRUSH Watch Party?

Earning access to the CRUSH Watch Party through the Rutherford Rewards Challenge does not register a CE for their CRUSH Kit, and therefore, in order to claim your CRUSH Kit (or your BOOSTED CRUSH Kit!), you must register for CRUSH 2022. If a CE does not register for CRUSH 2022 in addition to earning the Watch Party, they will not receive the ONEHOPE swag, CRUSH swag, CRUSH wines, and all the goodies included in the Kit. These specific items will not be provided at the Watch Party in Napa. 


When is the CRUSH 2022 Watch Party in Napa? 

The CRUSH 2022 Watch Party will take place during the Virtual Livestream event, Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2022.


Where in Napa is the CRUSH 2022 Watch Party?

The CRUSH Watch Party will take place at the ONEHOPE Winery!  


If I am a Leader who has earned Leader Day at CRUSH, will this be included in the Watch Party? 

Yes, if you earn access to the CRUSH Watch Party, and you have also qualified for Leader Day, you will receive an additional night in Napa to make sure you’re in town in time for Leader Day. 


Is transportation included in earning the CRUSH 2022 Watch Party?

All earners are responsible for flights to and from Northern California and transportation into Napa from their chosen airport. Once an Earner has arrived at the host hotel (Vista Collina Resort), ONEHOPE will take care of transportation between the hotel, CRUSH Watch Party, and any ONEHOPE sponsored event during the weekend.


What airport should I fly into to get to Napa?

There are a few airport options when planning your trip to Napa. San Francisco International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, and Oakland International Airport are the three airports with easiest access to Napa.


Are hotel accommodations included in the CRUSH 2022 Watch Party in Napa? 

Yes! Hotel accommodations are included in earning access to the CRUSH 2022 Watch Party. We will be staying at the Vista Collina Resort. Please note, earning access to the Watch Party is based on double occupancy at the hotel. 


Can I request my own room at the Napa hotel? 

Earners are able to request their own room in Napa. However, since earning the CRUSH Watch Party is based on double occupancy at the hotel, earners will be responsible for covering costs associated with having their own room. The cost to have your own room will be about $300 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. 


March Updates

Is there a March Bonus?
Yes there is! When you earn 3,000 pts in March you will receive an exclusive ONEHOPE branded zip up sweatshirt!

When will I submit the size I need for my sweatshirt?
Each week in March we will send an email requesting sizes for those that earned the March Bonus Sweatshirt. In that email there will be a google form for you to fill out. 

 How do I earn double points in March?
All CEs will earn double Rutherford Rewards points each time you Personally Sponsor 1 CE to your team, and each time you help a Level 1 CE earn Jump Start Rock Start & Jump Start Fast Start 100 in March!

When will the points be doubled in the Tracker in my CE Back Office?
Points will be doubled as you earn them for Personal Sponsoring & Mentoring in March.