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Playbook Rewards Points

How do Playbook rewards points work?


CEs will now be able to earn reward points to purchase wine or donate to causes by completing select cards in their Playbook! Complete the card action to earn points and track how many points you have accumulated right from the iOS and/or your CE Backoffice!


How can I tell how many points I can earn from completing a card?

Each card that offers reward points will display the amount of rewards on the top right of the card image.


The card displayed reward points but I did not see the reward animation or get points. What happened?

Some playbook cards require you to achieve a level of sales or rank before you receive the points. When you achieve the goal, we will deliver a point redemption card so you can claim your reward points! iOS app users, make sure to turn on push notification, so you can be notified immediately when you reach the goal and have points to redeem.


Are these reward points the same as the reward points I earn from shopping on onehopewine.com and hosting a qualified event?

Yes! Points earned from completing activity cards are the same type of points you earned from your purchases and sales from your events!