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What is a Reach Out?


What is a Reach Out?

A Reach Out is a turn-key way for a CE to jumpstart a conversation with their customers via sms or email or social media and give information about products, sales, announcements, and more. Each Reach Out has pre-populated messages to use, so that you as a CE don’t have to craft your own words to say for each message you are sending. 

The Reach Out Library is updated regularly with Business Builder Reach Outs as well as more time-sensitive offers like limited-time sales and promotion Reach Outs that will expire depending on the subject matter. 

How can I share Reach Outs?

From your CE Backoffice, click on the main menu and then Reach Outs. This will take you to a library of our Reach Outs. Each one can be shared with your contacts directly by email or text or to your social media platform like Facebook or Instagram and LinkedIn (coming soon in 2023).


Can I share a Reach Out to my social media account?

Yes! A Reach Out can be shared to Facebook, and LinkedIn (available 2023). Reach Outs can be shared to Instagram "Stories" through the ONEHOPE iOS app only.


Is there a tutorial on how to use Reach Outs?
Yes, listed below are two tutorials to help guide you through reach outs:
Reach Outs - Web Version

Reach Outs - IOS version

Training Center

Can I customize the Reach Out message sent to customers?

We will populate our suggested text or email but you are free to personalize the message as you like. Just make sure to keep the “short link” the same. This link is customized for you and your customer to help notify you if the customer has interacted with the link or completed a purchase from the link. This will of course give you PCV credit for any sales.


What if I am not seeing a contact in my invite list?

Make sure the contact has the phone number or email field filled out in their contact profile. The invite list will only show contacts filtered by the selected phone number or email option. For example, if you have a contact with only a phone number, that contact will not show up if you choose to share by Email.


Can I reuse the short link provided in the Reach Out to send to contacts outside the app?

No, each short link is specific to you and your contact. Please do not reuse the link or it will affect your results.


What if I am no longer seeing a Reach Out in my library?

Some Reach Outs are time sensitive and only valid for a certain amount of days. You can use the Library filter to view inactive Reach Outs.


Can I view my results after a Reach Out has expired?

Yes, you can filter by active and inactive Reach Outs in the library. While you cannot send a Reach Out after it expires, you will still be able to see any results when it becomes inactive.


What kind of Reach Outs will be offered? 

We will provide Reach Outs to share Announcements, Promotions, Product Launches, and more!

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