What activities are recognized at CRUSH?

The following activities and achievements are awarded at our annual conference, CRUSH! Please note, the timeframe for CRUSH awards starts in March each year, and runs through the last day of February the following year. If there is a specific or alternative timeframe for an award, the Home Office Team will be sure to share that timing with you via The Vine and that year’s CRUSH website. You can find the qualifications for each award listed below. We look forward to celebrating with you all each year!


  • Rank Promotions - Recognizing first-time rank promotions of Director and higher
  • Top 10 Mentor - Recognizing the top 10 mentors  of the most 1st time qualified CEs
  • Top 10 Sales - Recognizing cumulative sales (PCV) performance overall 
  • Top 10 Winemakers - Recognizing the top 10 Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll the most Wine Club Members / Subscribers 
  • Top 10 Impact - Recognizing those Cause Entrepreneurs who have the highest impact per Event (event limited to two-month period)
  • Team Development - Promote five or more SCEs in your personal group during the 12-month CRUSH cycle, and you will be recognized for Team Development
  • Rising Star Club - Recognizing all Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll any time from March through the last day in February, earn all parts of their Fast Start challenges, PLUS promote to SCE
  • Rookie of the Year Award - Recognizing one Cause Entrepreneur who demonstrates outstanding performance overall in sales, sponsoring, consistency, Fast Start performance, and promotes to IMPACT Director
  • Spirit of Leadership - Recognizing one Director or higher who partners with the Home Office Team to uplift, empower, and educate the CE Community
  • Founder’s Award - The Founders’ Award is an annual award given to the Cause Entrepreneur who truly embodies the mission of ONEHOPE. This CE has made a significant impact not only for themselves, but also on their peers, their community, and the world. The due date for award nominations will be communicated by the Home Office Team each year. After nominations are collected, the Co-Founders of ONEHOPE will review the submissions and determine which CE is most deserving of this award. 


In further detail, the Founders’ Award is given to someone who is:

  • Selfless and willing to help others without expectation of personal gain
  • Positive and always sees the glass half-full
  • Looks for ways to solve problems
  • Reliable: you can count on them to come through for you, no matter what  
  • Shows perseverance, doesn't give up or give in, and is always looking for ways to grow
  • Cares about the cause: they believe in doing good and are always looking for ways to help others and make a difference in the world