What are Mentors and Success Managers?

Every Cause Entrepreneur (CE) who joins the ONEHOPE Community will be connected with a mentor for support and coaching as they build their personal business. 


When you enroll as a CE, you may have signed up through a friend or acquaintance who is also a Cause Entrepreneur. That person is now considered your “Mentor.”

If you found ONEHOPE independently, the Home Office Team will connect you with a mentor from our list of qualified Cause Entrepreneurs!

Success Managers

Our CE Success Managers work for the ONEHOPE Home Office Team to provide additional support for all of our CEs in the community. They are available to give you guidance, to help you learn to navigate through our training and onboarding materials, as well as help you to set goals and launch your business.

Lean on your Mentor, Success Managers, and teammates who are all here to support and cheer you on every step of the way!