What are the current Join Kit options?

Starting April 22, 2023, a new CE will have the option to enroll with the $199 Basic Join Kit or the $399 Business Builder Kit.

Our Join Kits include all of the tools and wine in one kit for one price! Each kit also includes four months (Fast Start time period) of a CE's monthly membership*, valued at $48. After four months a CE will automatically be charged a $12 monthly membership.

*The CE membership fee allows access to your personal website and CE Back Office.


What is in the Join Kits?

Our Join Kits include all the business tools to help a CE launch their business! These include a digital Getting Started guidebook, order forms, marketing brochures, and Wine Club brochures. Our Join Kits also include a ONEHOPE Winery tote bag, a wine key, a champagne stopper, and ONEHOPE glassware.


What are the Wine Kit options?

  • $199 Basic Kit

The perfect introduction kit that includes all of the business materials, swag, and our seasonal 6-pack Wine Club lineup.

  • $399 Business Builder Kit 

Maximize your start with everything in the $199 Basic Kit PLUS our exclusive ONEHOPE Master Class Series (valued at $199) and 1 Event Kit Credit (valued at $150).

To learn more about our Join Kits please click here.

To learn more about our ONEHOPE Master Class Series please click here

What are the steps when enrolling a New CE?

  1. A prospective CE will start with creating a new account profile with ONEHOPE or can log in to their current account
  2. Choose their sponsor or ask ONEHOPE to assign them a mentor
  3. Make a Join Kit selection.
  4. New as of 2/1/2023 - A New CE can now subscribe to the seasonal curated Wine Club during their CE enrollment. Experiencing Wine Club firsthand will help every CE sell it to their customers. See the images below.


  1. Add in your shipping information. Keep in mind an ID is required to accept delivery of your Join Kit since it contains alcohol.
  2. Add payment information. All major credit cards and debit cards will be accepted. Gift cards, reward points, or promotion codes cannot be used for the purchase of a Join Kit.