What are the perks and benefits of being a Cause Entrepreneur?

There are a number of benefits to joining as a Cause Entrepreneur, and you can take advantage of them immediately! 


From day one, you receive all of the tools and education to start your own business with confidence. We not only help you grow your business from the comfort of your own home, but we also provide you with incredible support along the way. 


You will have access to world-class wine education and content unlike any other, allowing you to make your tastings as simple or complex as you see fit. 


Cause Entrepreneurs enjoy exclusive discounts on our award-winning wines, and can earn up to 25% commission for any purchases made through their personal website. 


Additional perks include incentive trips, swag, rewards, flexible hours, and making lifelong friendships.


Last but not least, our Cause Entrepreneurs can find fulfillment in their jobs each and every day by supporting meaningful causes they’re passionate about!