What is a tasting flight?

Tasting flights are sample sizes of wine that provide an opportunity for customers to try the wine before they purchase full-size bottles.  The tasting flight includes four of our award-winning wines allowing virtual event guests and first-time customers to sample from the comfort of their own home! And to sweeten the deal, event guests and first-time customers who purchase a tasting flight will automatically receive a $15 credit they can use toward the purchase of 4+ bottles of wine.   


How much does a tasting flight cost?

The tasting flight is available for first time customers or attendees of a virtual event for   $59 + $10 shipping. 


What comes in a tasting flight?

The tasting flight has four mini 187ml bottles with varietals from our best-selling and award winning Vintner Collection. The varietals are California Brut (90 pt.), Pinot Noir (90 pt.), Chardonnay (90 pt.), and Cabernet Sauvignon (93 pt.). The tasting flight kit also contains four tasting cards, a brochure designed exclusively for the tasting flight, and an insert reminder of the offer for a $15 wine credit.


Who can purchase a tasting flight?

First-time customers (who have never purchased with ONEHOPE before) can order one tasting flight from a CE’s personal website.   Guests invited to a virtual event can order one tasting flight per event. Virtual event Hosts may purchase one tasting flight per each event they host.


What is a first-time customer?

A first-time customer is a customer who has never purchased anything from ONEHOPE before. If you add someone to your contacts, who has never purchased from you before, they will still be considered a first time customer (since they have not purchased from you before) and can order a tasting flight from your website.


If a first time customer is part of an event, will they see the tasting flight on my website if the Host isn’t offering tasting flights at their event?

Someone invited to a virtual event will only know about the tasting flight option if the Host decides to use the option. Being a first time customer won’t make a difference one way or another if the guest is invited to a virtual event.


Can past customers or Hosts order tasting flights?

Past customers or Hosts can only order tasting flights through a virtual event. Consider encouraging past customers or Hosts to schedule an event. Or, you can set up an event or share the group fundraiser link if you would like to introduce tasting flights to past customers.


Can CE's order tasting flights?

Yes. If a CE is the host or guest of a virtual event, the CE can order their own tasting flight under that event.


Can CE's order tasting flights as a business supply?

No. Tasting flights are only available to first-time customers and virtual event hosts and guests.


How many tasting flights can a customer order?

Customers are limited to 1 tasting flight purchase per event. An event guest can purchase tasting flights from multiple events that they’re invited to, but they can only purchase a maximum of 1 flight per event. 


Can a Host place tasting flight orders for their guests?

No. Tasting flights can be ordered by CEs for guests through our concierge mode, or the guest can order their own tasting flight. The CE can use a single credit card to pay for the tasting flights.


Can a Host order an Event Kit for their virtual event? 

No. With the introduction of tasting flights, Event Kits are now reserved only for in-person wine tasting events. 


Can a Host order a tasting flight for their in-person event? 

No, With the introduction of tasting flights for virtual events, the host can only purchase an Event Kit to serve wine to their guests for the purpose of wine tasting and to serve as refreshments after the wine tasting. 


Can tasting flights for guests ship to a Host?

No. Tasting flights ship directly to each guest.


How do guests at a virtual event order a tasting flight?

Similar to how you order event wine for in-person events, you must indicate whether tasting flights will be offered to event guests when you set up or modify an event. When setting up a new virtual event, you will be asked whether you want to purchase tasting flights for the event. Select “yes” and proceed. Once the event is set up, navigate to the tasting flights tab. There you will see a special private link you can send to your event guests. Event guests will only be able to order 1 tasting flight with this link, no other items can be added to their shopping cart attached to this link. 


Can a customer who is a guest of different Hosts at multiple events working with different CEs order more than one tasting flight?

Guests can purchase one tasting flight from each event they attend.


How do first-time customers order a tasting flight?

When a customer visits your website for the first time, they will see a banner with an introductory offer to order a tasting flight so they can try ONEHOPE wine.  By clicking on the link, they will be putting one tasting flight into their cart.  This cart will not allow any other item to be ordered at the same time.  Please note, once a first-time customer has purchased a tasting flight, they will not see it as an option on your website again. First-time customers who have purchased their tasting flight through the CE’s personal website, and who have then been invited to virtual events can also order one tasting flight per event. 


Is concierge mode available for first time customers to get tasting flights?

No. The tasting flight order has to be placed by the first time customer. CEs cannot place a tasting flight order for their first time customers.


When should my Host send out the tasting flight link?

We recommend that your virtual guests order their tasting flights two weeks prior to the virtual event. The CE will send the tasting flight order link to the Host and the CE or Host will send the tasting flight link to the guests. 


Can a nonprofit place a bulk order for tasting flights?

No. At this time, the nonprofit would need to have a virtual event set up for them. Through the concierge option, the CE could order one tasting flight for each guest attending the event with the nonprofit paying for the order; or the guests could order individually, limited to 1 tasting flight per guest.


Can a customer use Reward Points to order a tasting flight?



How do I order tasting flights for an event?

Please search the Help Center for “How do I order tasting flights” for all the details. 


Can customers or virtual event guests add a tasting flight to a shopping cart with wine?

No. When your first-time customer, or virtual event Host, or guest purchases the tasting flight, they won’t be able to add anything else to the shopping cart.


What is the Wine Credit?

When your customer purchases a tasting flight they will automatically earn a $15 credit that can be used toward their next purchase of 4+ (full size) bottles of wine. Please note that when a  tasting flight is purchased under an event, the $15 credit can only be used within that same event.  It will expire when the event closes or 21 days after the original event date. 


Do all first-time and virtual event customers who purchase a tasting flight get the $15 credit?



Can CEs get the $15 wine credit?

Yes. If a CE is the host or guest of a virtual event, the CE will receive the $15 wine credit with their tasting flight.


When does the $15 credit expire?

-First-time customers will have 30 days to use their $15 credit. 

-Event customers will have 21 days after the original event date, to use their credit, or when the event closes (whichever comes first).


If I extend the date of my event, does the expiration date for the $15 wine credit extend also?

No. The $15 wine credit will expire 21 days after the original auto-close date of the event.


How does my customer get the $15 wine credit?

A $15 credit is applied to the customer’s account and emailed to the customer.


How does my event customer redeem their $15 credit?

Your event customer returns to shop the same event - their $15 coupon will automatically be applied to their cart and will activate as soon as the customer has added 4+ bottles (full-size) to their cart. 


Does the $15 wine credit automatically apply to the event that the tasting flight was purchased from, once it’s put into the customer’s account?



How does my first-time customer redeem their $15 credit?

Within 30 days of purchasing the tasting flight, your first-time customer can automatically redeem their credit when they shop from your website for 4+ bottles (full-size).


Do tasting flight’s have PCV?

Yes,85% PCV on the $59  cost of the tasting flight. ( 50.15 PCV)


Is there a donation for tasting flights?

For each tasting flight purchased, a donation is given to the ONEHOPE Foundation which supports hunger, water, health, and education.

In addition, if a tasting flight is purchased through an event, the flight will count towards the Host’s cause of choice and 10% will be donated. 


Does the tasting flight count toward the Host’s cause of choice or additional Host Rewards?

Yes, the Host’s cause of choice will receive 10% of the purchase price of the tasting flight, and the tasting flight purchase will count toward the Host’s sales toward a qualified event.


Does the tasting flight count toward the Host’s retail sales at their event?

Yes. . However, the CE will receive PCV of 50.15 per tasting flight from the pre-event order. 


Does my customer receive Reward Points with their tasting flight purchase?

Yes,  Reward points are given with the purchase of a tasting flight.


What is the best way for me to promote tasting flights?

The tasting flights are great booking tools and are meant to be used during virtual tastings to help your Host introduce ONEHOPE Wine to their guests, allowing them to try before they buy. As a CE you will remind guests throughout the virtual event to use their wine credit and encourage the guests, as well, to book their own virtual events.  Follow up with customers and guests who have purchased a tasting flight, and encourage them to place an order of 4 or more bottles, using their $15 wine credit.


Do I have to offer tasting flights at my events?

No. You do not have to promote tasting flights at your events. 


Can guests at my in-person event order tasting flights?

No. Tasting flights are not available for in-person events at this time.


Can I order just a single varietal or customize the bottles in a tasting flight?

No. The tasting flight comes as a pre-set 4-pack. 


What else is available in the mini format?

Customers can order a 12-pack of minis in each of the same Vintner collection varietals that are offered in the tasting flight (California Brut, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon). We also offer a mini mix-pack with 3 of each varietal.


What marketing tools are available to promote the tasting flights?

We have created shareables for you to promote the Tasting Flights! Use them for booking virtual events and for your Host to use to promote the Tasting Flights as an option for their virtual event guests. You will find shareables by going to the Help Center Index page, clicking on Social Media Shareables link, and then going into the Tasting Flights folder.