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What is Jump Start your Fast Start?

What are the Jump Start Bonuses that can be earned during Fast Start?

In November 2021, we launched a New CE Incentive for all New CEs in their Fast Start time frame to earn two different Jump Start DOUBLE Bonuses! Starting on February 1, 2022 these bonuses will now be part of our Fast Start program for all New CEs to earn. We hope these bonuses encourage a new CE to build a balanced business by both selling and building their teams.

Jump Start Bonuses: 

  1. When a New CE sells $500 AND personally sponsors 1 New CE with any Wine Kit
    Add-on during their Rock Star time period (Join Day + 14 Days) they will earn the
    “Jump Start Rock Star Bonus” which is a special 12 pack of Wine!

  2. When a New CE sells $1000 in sales, by the end of their first full month AND
    personally sponsors two New CEs with any Wine Kit Add-On they will earn the “Jump Start Fast Start 100 Bonus” which is $200!

When can I earn the Jump Start Your Fast Start Incentive?

All New CEs will be able to earn the Jump Start Bonuses while in Fast Start. Starting February 1, 2022 these bonuses have been added as one of the three ways to earn while in Fast Start. Please see the Fast Start Overview for full details. 

When will my Jump Start Rock Star 12 Pack be shipped? 

Your shipment will ship out the week following your Rock Star time period to ensure

we’ve given you the full time to hit both your sales goal of $500 and the full Join Day +

14 days to personally sponsor and build your team.


When will I receive my Jump Start - Fast Start 100 Bonus? 

Monthly bonuses are paid out by the 5th of the month following the close of the month

prior. Ex: You earned your Double FS 100 Bonus in February, you will be paid out by

the 5th of March.


If you personally sponsor 1 New CE in your Rock Star timeframe, does that New CE count towards the Jump Start Fast Start 100 Bonus where 2 CEs are needed as well?

Yes, your personally sponsored CEs are cumulative for the Jump Start bonuses. The 1 new CE you personally sponsored during your Rock Star time frame will count towards the 2 New CEs that are needed by the end of your Month 1, to earn your Jump Start Fast Start 100 Bonus.


What is included in the Rock Star 6-Pack and Jump Start 12-Pack Bonuses?

Starting March 1, 2022, these Bonuses will include 1 bottle of our "Rock Star" Shimmer Edition Brut and a selection of 5 or 11 other award-winning wines! The selection of wines is subject to change but will include a variety of varietals.