What is the 20/20 Collective?

This is a collective of two thousand like-minded visionaries, chaired by an advisory board to steward 20 acts of hope. Our collective comes together around wine, and leans in with a deep commitment to philanthropy. The membership-based Collective will have 3 membership levels ($2,500, $5,000 and $10,000) and each level comes with varying wine allocations, winery visits and experiences. As a CE, when you first-time promote to SED and/or NED, you will earn your 20/20 Collective Membership for one year from the start of the membership. To learn more about the 20/20 Club click here and see more info below. Please keep in mind that to start we will only be choosing 20 applications a month, and not all applications can and will be accepted.


As a Cause Entrepreneur, what are the benefits I have as it pertains to the winery and the 20/20 Collective?

  • Special preference for waitlist to visit the winery  
  • Special preference when you apply to join the 20/20 Collective
  • Special preference to referrals who apply to join the 20/20 Collective
  • Opportunity to earn an annual membership in the Collective as you promote to SED & NED. . 
      • SED - $2,500 Visionary Level*
      • NED - $5,000 Lead Visionary Level*

        * When a CE 1st time promotes to SED or NED they will receive the respective 20/20 Collective shipments for 1 year. Then will receive the respective shipment for the highest pay rank hit in the last 6 months. 
  • Opportunity to earn other amazing winery experiences  
    • Through promotions and leadership
    • Through incentives
    • Through overall impact and performance


Can I apply or my customers apply for the 20/20 Collective?

Yes, you or your customers can apply for the 20/20 Collective. If you or your customers apply and are accepted to the 20/20 Collective, there is no commission. Instead, a gift ($500 value) will be given to the referring CE.

I am interested in applying to 20/20 Collective, what are you looking for in an applicant?

For our 20/20 Collective, we are looking for applicants that are enthusiastic about giving back and can help develop conversations around where communities near and far need our help the most. Our future members are deeply connected through a selfless desire to share wine and have their voice foster a global impact that will leave a legacy beyond our lifetime. We are looking for applicants who are active in supporting their local community or cause of choice through a non-profit organization, or board. Applicants must be 21+. Find more details here.