What is the difference between a virtual and in-person wine tasting?

ONEHOPE offers one-of-a-kind fundraising events where customers have the opportunity to gather either virtually or in person and raise money for a nonprofit that is near and dear to their hearts.

Virtual Wine Tastings

Virtual events are held online and guests can connect using platforms like Zoom or Facebook to learn more about ONEHOPE’s wines and story. Cause Entrepreneurs will give guests a custom event shopping link where guests can place orders that support the host’s cause of choice. Guests can shop within eight days from the event start date and 10% of proceeds will be donated to the host’s selected nonprofit. 

*Please note: As of 5/18/23 Tasting Flights will no longer be available to purchase as a guest of a Virtual Event. This offering has been discontinued. 

In-Person Wine Tastings

In-person events are where guests can gather together at a chosen location, typically in the host’s home, and sip on our award-winning wines while learning more about the ONEHOPE mission. The Cause Entrepreneur will work with the host, planning the event and guiding them on selecting their local charity, ordering their Event Kit (six or twelve bottles of wine), inviting their guests, and offering best practices to ensure a great experience for all.

Just like virtual events guests can place orders within eight days of the event start date and 10% of the proceeds will support the host’s cause of choice. 

Training Center Guide for In-Person Events

Sip and Support with ONEHOPE

Both in-person and virtual events are a great way to share the ONEHOPE story and fundraise for meaningful causes. These events are also great opportunities for Cause Entrepreneurs to meet hosts for future events, as well as prospective Cause Entrepreneurs to join their team!