What is the difference between the Back Office, Reports, Help Center, and Training Center?

Back Office

The Back Office is where you go to carry out the day-to-day tasks of running your business, such as adding new contacts’ information, setting up and managing your in-person and virtual events, and placing or tracking orders for customers. 


The Reports area is where you go to get information about your business’ performance and is housed within your Back Office. In Reports, you can track important data like your personal commissionable volume (PCV), your organization volume (OV), group volume (GV), and qualified leg information. You can also track your team members’ progress in building their businesses. It is under Reports that you can also find information on your commissions earned as well as commissions due. Lastly, you can track your progress under the Fast Start program, as well as the progress of your team members under Fast Start, in the Reports area. 

Help Center

The Help Center is meant to be a resource area to answer common questions and provide detailed articles with more tactical information, step-by-step instructions, links to downloadable files, and more. 

Training Center

The Training Center can be accessed through your Back Office and is meant to provide virtual on-demand training courses to guide you through launching your business successfully. The Training Center is full of curated video-based content to help you get familiar with our tools and resources. From wine tasting videos with our head winemaker, Mari Wells Coyle, to tips and techniques on how to book and conduct in-person and virtual events, we want to ensure you feel confident and fully equipped to share wine and give hope.