What’s the difference between the two Wine Club options? 

With our Curated Option, our winemaker selects her favorite wines of the season. You will be shipped these wines every 3 months, from the time you sign up. Build Your Own allows you to select the exact wines you prefer and the frequency you’d like them delivered. 


Can I switch from curated to build your own? 

Absolutely! The best way to do this is to cancel your curated shipment, choose your wines you want to subscribe to, and subscribe! Or you can always contact and we’d be happy to walk you through the process!

Can I swap out wines in the curated Wine Club?

Yes! Log in to your profile and update your next shipment any time before it ships. 


What happens if I will be out of town when my shipment is sent?

Contact and we will be happy to coordinate any updates that are needed with FedEx for you.


Do I get free shipping on orders outside of my regular shipment?

Yes, as a wine club member you receive free shipping on any 4+ bottle order, so you can restock in between shipments, or send the perfect gift with free shipping. 


When do my wines get shipped throughout the year?

Your wines get shipped at the frequency you select from the time you sign up. 


Can I postpone or skip a shipment?

Yes, contact to postpone or skip an upcoming shipment. 


What happens if I cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that in order to receive free shipping you must have ordered at least two membership shipments. If you choose to cancel prior to your second shipment, a $10 shipping charge will be issued. 


Can I change the amount of bottles in my subscription?

At this time, you cannot change the quantity of bottles in your subscription. Please reach out to to assist further.